About me

Nathan Irvine

After 13 years within the automotive/refinishing industry perfecting my spraying skills I quickly achieved Senior Sprayer Technician. 

This resulted in securing positions in Europe, specialising in custom finishes working on proto types for high end performance vehicles.

I was head hunted for elite projects in Sweden, Netherlands, France, Belgium and Italy, which involved formulating bespoke colours to the clients specifications and expectations.

I had the honour of working along side Senior Management at Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin and Lamborghini. 

Throughout the last 4 years I specialised in designing bespoke finishes on high end vehicles and designed a custom finish specific to interior design specifically over coating chrome. 

Traditionally chrome is one of the few substrates which cannot be over coated successfully, without the paint failing.

It was at this point I worked to design a complex process to create successful adhesion to chrome, whilst also replicating popular colour schemes relevant to today’s interior design market.

This opened up the opportunity for me to expand into Specialist Refinishing Services Ltd.

Pushing the boundaries has always been, and will always remain a passion for myself and the team at Specialist Refinishing Services.

Our main motto within our facility is, ‘if you can dream it, we can create it’

We believe that each job should be personal and tailored for our clients desires.

What we Do
  • At Specialist Refinishing Services we offer a wide range of popular and contemporary colours and colour match any colour you require.
  • We offer tints over chrome, metallic base coats, solid colours, matt/satin or gloss options.
  • Effects can also be added to achieve a brushed finish or a polished finish.
  • SRS also offer completely custom finishes from Crystal Ice effects to candy options to add depth and clarity.
  • We specialise in over coating existing chrome, which gives an unlimited variety of options and effects which is tailored to suit your needs.
  • Ancillary services are offered also including metal work & metal finishing on all substrates.
    Our production team have extensive experience in metal finishing for high end performance car manufacturers on steel, aluminium and aluminium composite substrates.
  • If you simply require your components to be spruced up, have blemishes removed and recoated or a complete revamp to blend in with your surroundings, we have got it covered all under one roof.
  • We are constantly creating new effects within our science department to keep up to date with current trends, and to be able to offer any effect imaginable.
  • We not only coat metal and mirror finish chrome, we also paint wood, glass and ceramic.
  • Our team also have extensive experience repairing fibre glass components. Whether it’s chipped fibre glass, or completely destroyed, we can repair it and coat in any colour you need and seal it in with a special ceramic coating to provide maximum strength and longevity.
  • We offer a 1 to 1 bespoke service, keeping our customers updated throughout the process.

Selected Projects

Kitchen Industry

During the lockdown we have seen a huge increase in kitchen remodelling.

A lot of tired appliances have been replaced with newly refinished components we have refinished in our facility giving the kitchen area a completely new look and adding value to the property.

Bathroom Industry

A lot of the current housing trends include refinishing all bathroom wear to a contemporary array of finishes.

From shower channels to taps, we have worked on every item within the bathroom sector.

Hotel Industry

Trendy hotels throughout the country have had complete overhauls whilst they have had some down time.

With our chemically tested products we have been able to add modern colours and effects to hotels giving peace of mind to the durability and longevity of the finish.

My Work in Numbers

Years of Experience
Happy Clients


Metal finishing:

Repair to damaged metals and bringing them back to a refinished surface.

Each metal finished repair is repaired without the application of fillers, demonstrating full understanding of metals and correct repair techniques.

Spray Painting:

18 years experience mastering the art of Spray Paint application.

Awarded to the highest level within the UK, and also worked along side international painters and examining boards to demonstrate the correct skills to be adaptable in every environment.


Creating bespoke finishes and colours for clients. Colour matching on demand.

The ability to create and design was an essential building block to the creation of Specialist Refinishing Services Ltd.


Organisation is a key component to successfully delivering a quality product and adapt the latest technology and innovative approach.

Our aim of effective logistics and time management is to improve the efficiency of the operations, adhering to completion dates and delivering satisfactory components to our customers ensuring satisfaction from beginning to end.


Senior Repair Technician ATA awarded by IMI examination body.

Senior ATA show the skills required to operate at the highest level consistently to deliver first time, every time.

Level 3 Body Repair and Spray Painting awarded by IMI awards.

Highest level awarded by IMI to show the correct skills to perform each job correctly and in the safest and quickest way possible.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The team at SRS totally transformed my bathroom. Great communication throughout the project and quick turnaround. Well done guys!!!

Martin Shard

We were struggling with Mis matched brass bathroom parts, but Nathan did his magic! Everything is now matching and looks great. Thanks again for your work.

Jay Dob

We have worked with Nathan even prior to him opening his facility. The quality has always been second to none and had fair prices! Long may we continue our relationship.

Bathroom design

Wow wow wow! You have made me fall back in love with my kitchen again. Thank you so much.

Sarah Everest

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